Trainers and Boot Camps

The trainer: No gym is complete without a trainer, and that too a certified one. Ideally, he should have international affiliation or certification from the Reebok Fitness Factory or the American Council of Exercise (ACE). Your trainer is like your guru who initiates you into the gym, informs you about the various guidelines, helps you choose which machine will suit you best and monitors your progress. What’s important is that your trainer is physically present when you visit the gym and is available for any query that you may have. He should also be able to customize a fitness and nutritional programme for you, if you so desire. Fitness boot camps in Ft. Lauderdale with half-baked instructors should be strictly avoided.

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  • The PAR Q or the Personal Activity Readiness Questionnaire: It is mandatory that before you join a gym, your trainer makes you fill the PAR Q to determine whether you are medically fit to take on the rigours of exercising. If you have a history of heart-related problems, or suffer from diabetes, arthritis, asthma etc, you need to consult your doctor before you start on any programme. In fact, it is strongly recommended that you get the green signal from your doctor before enrolling.

The Equipment: Don’t get fooled by the hi-fi machines and sophisticated gadgets. Make sure that your gym is geared for fitness like a Montreal semi-private training center. In other words, the machines should provide you with real benefits and not be there for aesthetic beauty. A good gym should have the following machines: for cardiovascular fitness there should be treadmills (motorized or the flat belt ones), cycles, steppers, a rowing or skiing machine.

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